Saturday, 18 June 2016

Burger Cake!

This was a joint effort with my housemate for a friends birthday! I used a standard cake tin for the base and a half sphere tin for the top of the bun. Both were a simple vanilla sponge, iced with buttercream icing and covered with coloured ready made icing. The beef patty was actually an incredible cake sized brownie made by my housemate. The lettuce, tomato and cheese that you can see poking out were also made from ready made icing and were super simple to do despite looking the part. Then again McDonalds cheese looks so plastic-y I suppose it's easy to replicate! My housemate made the 'chips' from simple ready made icing. These looked so realistic! So much so that we couldn't tell the icing chips from the real chips that littered the table in the morning thanks to someone's drunken trip to McDonald's after the night out. It made for a fun game though! We also had the genius idea of swapping the BBQ sauce for chocolate sauce at the last minute. When we told the birthday girl to try the sauce with the icing chips she looked at us like we were crazy before being pleasantly surprised. In the future I would love to try and make my own chocolate sauce and strawberry sauce in place of the ketchup. It's a nice little extra touch that really adds to the re-creation :) Finally, we added a shot of mango sourz to the cup in place of the Fanta. This cake also gives you a great excuse to take a trip to Maccies before hand and gather empty packaging to present your creation. Entirely for the equipment purposes of course.

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