Friday, 14 September 2012

Baby Elephant Cupcakes!

I was going to do the elephants smaller/simpler and vary the colours/backgrounds and stuff but then I found some on google similar to these and they were SO CUTE so I just decided to try it. Although the icings not as smooth as some other designs I've made and so doesn't look as nice, I'm actually dead pleased with them. I just really like their little happy faces and the way they're all sat differently :) I'm definitely going to start making bigger figures like these cause I need to practice getting the icing perfect. (These have quite a lot of scratches and mistakes if you look more closely!) 
Made as a super late birthday present for a friend, oops. She was chuffed though :)

Harry Potter Cakes.

As usual, made for a friends birthday who likes HP. Either that or I just assumed she did so I could make some Harry Potter themed, I'm not actually sure. Anyway. Really couldn't decide which cupcakes to make and which to leave out as I'd seen so many good designs on the interwebz. As it happens I really dislike the way the Hogwarts Castle turned out so ignore that one, there's a much better version somewhere on google :) I also wanted to make the Marauders Map but I stupidly broke my food pen half way through making them and made the Deathly Hallows sign instead and ended up being really pleased with it, so that worked out okay! Probably shouldn't have been as lazy and tried to draw the different house animals on the crest but I thought it'd look shitty so Hm, i'll improve that one if I make them again :) Nothing else was used than what's mentioned in the Alice in Wonderland post. Think that's pretty much it. My favourites are the Cauldron cupcake and the Hogwarts Express Cupcake. :)

Alice in Wonderland Cupcakes.

Kinda designed these by taking my favourite parts of other versions that I'd seen on google so i can't take credit for the Tweedledee/dum or caterpillar designs for example! All the rest I pretty much went off the film (cartoon version) as closely as I could :) I tried to make a cupcake to represent each key part of the story which is why they're all packed! Maybe some of them are too much? I dunno. Only things used to decorate were butter cream icing, milk chocolate icing, piping bag with swirl nozzle, ready made icing and food colouring, and edible food pen (black). I used fabric roses for the Rose Bush Cupcake cause I'm not v. good at the super delicate stuff yet and the Drink Me glass bottle is also obviously not edible but apart from that everything is :) 
These were just made for a friend as a favour, she loves Alice in wonderland! :)x