Saturday, 18 June 2016

Breaking Bad Cake!

OH LORD. This cake was a bit of a project to say the least. There were a lot of components involved but the end result made it so worth it! The cake consisted of three stacked Madeira sponges so it ended up being huge as you can see! I thought this would be the safest recipe to use as the higher quantity of flour results in a dense texture that holds all of the decoration well! My housemate had the task of making the 'blue meth' that makes the whole cake I think! For this she used a simple glass candy recipe, combining sugar, water, syrup and blue food colouring, and left it to set in a baking tray so that it formed a slab. Then she smashed it to pieces just like they do on the show! We bought these suspicious looking bags to display it in as well as sprinkling some on the top of the cake. All of the extra decoration was made using ready made icing. I'm really happy with the way Walt and Jessie turned out as I haven't made many human characters from icing before, so that's given me confidence to experiment further! For the rocks and the blue substance in the cylinders I used two different shades of icing and kneeded them together so that they were just under combined. This gave them a marbled effect that makes them look the part I think :) I used a black edible food pen (my secret weapon) to draw tiny dollar signs on to the totally accurate (ahem) notes flying about the scene, and for the sand around the bottom I just used granulated brown sugar. Oh and finally I roped in my housemate again to pipe the 'Happy Birthday' sign on top with pre-bought writing icing as I'm rubbish with trying to write neatly with this! As I say this was a marathon of a baking process. I think we were awake until 6am the night before the guys birthday. As this is still my favourite cake though it was very worth it :)

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